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Since You Last Heard from Us

Well good fellows, it’s been a while – almost four months in fact. I know, I know. We’re bad at keeping in touch. You called and got our answerphone, you messaged, and we left you on read*.

However, I’m here to tell you that we’ve changed; turned over a new leaf, emerged from the chrysalis into a beautiful butterfly and various other elaborate metaphors. From now on, this blog is going to be a regular thing, keeping you updated with the comings and goings of Three Left Feet and everyone associated with it.

You’ll believe that when you see it? Fair enough. We deserve that one, but watch this space, and we might surprise you… In the meantime, I’m just going to give you a quick update of what we’ve been doing since you last heard from us on this blog – and let me tell you, it’s been a busy four months.

We’ve put on two shows already:

· A Christmas Carol – check out the photos here, and the review here.

· A Fisherman’s Tale – check out the photos here, and the review here.

Both of which were brilliantly received, and we’re really thankful for everyone that came to support our first performances. We had great fun, learnt a lot, and Lucy and I actually ended up playing a role in one of the shows at one point!**

After these two, we had a bit of a break for Christmas, before hopping back in the saddle to prepare for our next show, performed in Williamson Park, A Midsummer Night’s Dream (read more about that here). If that wasn’t enough, we’re also in the midst of founding Arts In The Park, a festival to celebrate Lancashire’s artists, creatives and performers. If you fancy reading more about it, or getting involved yourself, just head on over here.

We’ve been working with a whole bunch of cool people as well. Katie Marrin has joined our team as the Business Manager, keeping us all in check and introducing us to the wonderful world of weekly schedules and company aims. (I’ve been more productive in the past week than ever before.) While Jess Turton is working as an associate photographer for us, whipping out her camera and performing feats of (what can only be described as) magic with her photography skills.


What hasn’t Elspeth been doing?

As well as working various jobs to support herself in Lancaster (shout-out to the Dukes Theatre), she’s been running herself ragged with meetings, emails and various textiles. Alongside her producing and technical directing (which are quite frankly huge jobs themselves), Elspeth decided to project manage AND stage manage not one, not two, but three shows (two of them performed within a week of one another).

This entailed making/sourcing costumes and set, managing lighting and tech, and generally acting as the wo-man-with-a-plan in every scenario. Her time management is insane. It all paid off though, because A Christmas Carol and A Fisherman’s Tale looked 🔥.

Plus, the Midsummer costumes that she’s already created look absolutely banging. Is it too late to insert myself into the show?


What’s our publicity whiz been up to?

If you’ve seen all the wonderful, eye-catching designs for our shows dotted all around social media, then you’ve been keeping an eye on Lucy’s work this whole time…

Yes, she’s been designing our logos, our banners, our posters, our flyers – you name it, she’s been working on it. She’s dealt with mine and Elspeth’s pernickety requests ‘oh, that’s great, but could you just move that slightly to the right’, ‘lovely, can we perhaps try a different font?’ without so much as a glower, which is an impressive feat, as I can annoy even myself sometimes.

As well as producing these 😍 designs, Lucy’s also been in charge of scheduling all of our social media posts; keeping you guys updated on what the heck we’re doing, across various different platforms. Smile for the camera gang!


In-between mourning my finances as a poor student and wrestling with two dissertations (what was past me thinking) I’ve been doing my best to plan and direct some of Three Left Feet’s shows!

A Fisherman’s Tale was my brainchild, which I wrote and co-devised, working closely with the actors to create something that an elderly Fisherman that’s had one too many long-island ice-teas would be proud of.

Then I turned my hand to A Midsummer Night’s Dream, adapting old Willy Shakes*** for my own purposes (the man was a genius, but his plays are lengthy) and worked with Bethany Dyke, the show’s movement director, to establish some cool blocking for you guys.

We’re in the midst of rehearsing this bad-boy now, and tickets are already available! If you want to be an early bird, you can pick one up here.

*We’re actually very prompt at replying, it’s only the blog that’s been neglected. Poor thing. **Hollywood, if you’re reading this, I’m available. ***As he’s known in his inner circle.

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