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Sayonara, Safiya!

Yep, it's my final blog post! I have thoroughly enjoyed writing from a creative angle – echoing what Lucy mentioned in her blog post, it’s been a good break from academic writing, and there are a number of similar things that we both appreciated from this experience! Here are my highlights!

The Skills 📔

Writing a film review that was more colloquial and less academic was much atypical to what I was used to. Having written a review on Joker in my first year for a Film module and comparing that to the more colloquially written review of The Batman, it was interesting to see the way in which dynamics of writing have to change to suit specific audiences, and which parts of your brain are switched on more! 🧠

I also had to manage my time extremely wisely, especially considering the number of academic deadlines and work commitments that were happening around the same times! Prioritising was key!

Learning how to utilise and manoeuvre around new tools like Wix and Google Advanced Search (for copyright-free images and gifs) was not only helpful for the blog posts, but will surely be useful in future endeavours.

The People 👥

It has been lovely to work with Elspeth and Lara, whom I must thank for this opportunity to take us on; an opportunity that I have learnt a lot from. I have enjoyed working with Lucy on planning and creating the blog posts, as well as meeting the wonderful Saadia who wrote the ‘The Roots of International Women’s Day’ post that was much supported by our mutual friends!

The Places

From the creative places that inspired writing to the wonderful physical location of The Herbarium in town, place has played a real role in this placement experience. I appreciate being able to associate certain locations with positive experiences that have come from this!

All in all, I wish there was more time! It’s been truly enriching to work behind-the-scenes and meet the real people who are at the heart of the company. Thank you to Lara and Elspeth, once again, and thank you to Three Left Feet!

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