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A Fisherman's Tale

July 2022 | Festival of the Earth, 

Lancaster Priory

Theatre Production

This mystical, motley fisherman’s crew sailed through the stars and crossed the seven seas to celebrate the Festival of the Earth! They've battled sea monsters, frolicked with mermaids, and even outsailed the terrifying Flying Dutchman - if you're lucky, they'll tell you all about it. However, all is not as jolly as it seems; this crew are in dangerous waters, and it will take help from everyone to weather the storm. This magical, musical, eco-sensitive theatre performance, complete with many a sea shanty, was performed beneath the Gaia exhibition at Lancaster Priory as part of the Festival of the Earth. It was first performed at the Lancaster Maritime Museum in 2019 and was reworked as a festival performance for Escape2Make's flagship Green Festival in August 2022.

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