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The Batman 🦇 - a Review!

'I'm Vengeance.'

I finally got a chance to see The Batman (2022, dir. Matt Reeves) 🦇 - and what a stunning piece of filmmaking it was! 😍 The cinematography, the soundtrack, the cast! Everything slipped together so perfectly, almost like a catsuit.


One of the most brilliant pieces of soundtrack you will hear is DEFINITELY this one. Oscar, Emmy and Grammy award-winning Michael Giacchino could not have created a more stunning composition for one the year’s biggest blockbusters.

My personal favourite (at the moment) would have to be 'Catwoman' - it perfectly encapsulates Zoe Kravitz’s Selina Kyle as a troubled, yet trying, character; mysterious, curious – borderline villainous. Listening to this, day or night, will surely have you feeling some type of way 😼

The stunningly bewitching manipulation of ‘Ave Maria’ throughout the film, especially for incorporation into The Riddler’s own theme, not only heightened the villain’s obvious juxtaposition to the hero figure but highlighted the other contrasts that exist throughout the film: Good vs Evil, Fantasy vs reality, Bourgeoise vs Proletariat, Bruce vs Batman, the list goes on. To have a religiously acclaimed piece open the film and enchant us throughout was really something else!


There were many quotes from Bruce Wayne’s Batman in this script that will remain solidified in pop culture and superhero books for time to come. Whether it was The Batman’s ‘I’m Vengeance’ line that perhaps surprised a few audience members (ngl, I was expecting him to say ‘I’m Batman’ but perhaps was overtaken by naivety, considering the many other ways in which this film surprised me!) or his off-beat humour that wasn’t too try-hard or cheesy, The Batman’s own lines made him into a more relatable and likeable character. A few other lines perhaps missed the mark a little and may have come across slightly cheesy, but the script overall was one for the books!


Hands down one of the most visually stunning pieces of filmmaking in the history of cinema, each shot had been so carefully calculated which made this all the more

the kind of film you cannot look away from. The dark colour scheme was maintained throughout the film, both as

a reflection of The Batman’s character, his self-proclaimed nocturnal lifestyle as well as an indication of the theme of the darker avenue this film was going down.

There is no denying that this film is long – but it is well worth the watch! Although not perfect, the stunning performances of the cast members, incredible cinematography and the wonderfully accompanying soundtrack may just make you want to go a second time (I know I will!)

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