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Finding our Feet!

Safiya: Hey, everyone! I’m Safiya and I’m a final year English Literature and Film student looking forward to working with Three Left Feet over the coming weeks!

Lucy: I’m Lucy, also a final year student doing English Literature and History. I’m excited to join Three Left Feet as well and get stuck into working on different things.

We’ll be running the blog so have conducted a little interview as our first post to introduce ourselves and tell you a bit about us and what we hope to do!

Safiya: Hey, Lucy! I’m looking forward to working with you 😊 What kinda things are you looking to gain from this placement?

Lucy: I hope to get a lot out of this placement and am looking forward to learning on the job and getting more familiar with new things like working with the website and social media. How about you?

Safiya: I’m excited about working behind-the-scenes creating content for the public and learning all about the intricacies of running a theatre company!

Lucy: First on the list, getting this blog up and running. Have you any ideas of what you’d be interested in writing about?

Safiya: I’d love to write reviews on upcoming films, adaptations (The Batman!) and maybe dip my toe into areas that aren’t as highlighted, like the importance of theatre work in low-participation neighbourhoods. What are your thoughts?

Lucy: I’m interested in the creative sector and would like to write about how to get involved as it's hard to get your foot in the door! It would be good to research and share ideas about getting into these sectors. I'll be making a blog next week about that, so keep a look out for it...

Safiya: That sounds amazing, and super useful for anyone who wants to get involved in the Arts but doesn’t know where to start!

Lucy: Leaving the most important questions for last! If you were any character from a Shakespeare play, who would you be?

Safiya: In all honesty, I’d be Hamlet as the existential crises just keep coming! 🥴 Which character would you be?

Lucy: I think it would be fun to be one of the Merry Wives of Windsor – but I’m probably more like Polonius because I talk a lot but don’t say much. 😳

Safiya: The ultimate question – which biscuit reflects who you are? 👀 It’s Bourbon for me!

Lucy: I’d be a digestive biscuit because I’m versatile. 😼

If you’re reading this and are interested in getting some writing experience yourselves, do get in touch. We’re looking for writers with all kinds of experience to contribute to the blog, so if you have a lot to say and want to get involved this is the place for you!

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