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Meeting Helena and Tom!

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Hello! Nice to meet you all out there! We’re Three Left Feet’s Newest Interns and we’re very excited to get stuck in!

I’m Helena Wong from Hong Kong. I write. I vlog. I make videos. I sing. I draw…this list will go on forever if you don’t stop me right now but this basically sums up the person I am. I am a curious storyteller who loves to share about the amazing things in my daily life through any form of media and loves to expand my horizons constantly. I am currently a M.A. Creative Writing student at Lancaster University and I am thrilled to work for Three Left Feet as an audio/visual assistant.

I’m Tom Wilson and I’m the Marketing Assistant Intern and I do lots of things in my spare time! From meme-making to poetry, to acting to writing! I’m also on Helena’s course in M.A Creative Writing but have previously studied undergraduate at Lancaster University as a theatre student! In terms of why this role interested me in particular, I very much want to go the route of the Three Left Founders and start my own theatre company one day! What better way to get some inspiration than to watch and learn here!

I find this to be the perfect internship for me to explore and develop further interest in the behind the scenes of theatre production which I am greatly interested in because theatre production seems to be the area where I have little access to back in Hong Kong and I am not going to miss out on the opportunity to explore this area when the opportunity is provided.

I’m from Bolton but I have lots of theatrical connections in Lancaster but also Manchester too! When I first heard about this opportunity, I jumped at the chance! I’ve worked with Three Left Feet in the past, particularly with “Shake up Shakespeare” and “Feeturing” but also the 2020 production of Midsummer, which sadly was cancelled due to the pandemic. Three Left Feet have always been a theatre company I have admired and I’m honoured to be involved even further with!

When I saw the job post from Three Left Feet and learned about their company’s goals of making theatre and art accessible for everyone, I was immediately intrigued by it, for I have been practising different art forms, specifically Pastel Nagomi Art that aims at allowing anyone of any age or group to find the confidence in performing and creating art too.

I also see this internship opportunity to be a great chance for me to improve my skills in terms of creating professional audio/visual materials that can help with the promotion of this company and the artists involved, and to be involved in projects that will be aligned to the company’s values.

All in all, I can’t wait to get started and want to say a massive thank you to the entire Three Left Feet gang for giving me this opportunity!

Hopefully, I’ll learn a lot and who knows where it will lead. One thing’s for sure, I’m already feeling very inspired!

Lots of love Helena and Tom!

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