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Feetured is an inclusive arts series that aims to promote and spotlight the diversity of artistic talent on offer in the North of England. 

Across the Feetured series, Three Left Feet work with artists, musicians, theatre makers, cinematographers and more to showcase the creativity of the North. With London and the surrounding areas typically considered to be the artistic hub of England, many Northern artists miss out on opportunities to showcase their work simply due to the geographical location. 

Feetured provides a platform for Northern artists to discuss their work, their process and their career journey whilst simultaneously promoting their own projects. In partnership with Three Left Feet, Feetured artists deliver a Feetured blog and interview, hosted by one of our associated artists, Jayran Lear


Explore our previously Feetured artists below, and get in touch with us by emailing if you'd like to be Feetured across our website and social media channels. 

Núria Rovira

Installation artist: Morecambe

Núriis an installation artist who is currently based in Morecambe. After graduating from Lancaster University, Núria teamed up with two of her friends and set up The GAP Collective. 


This artist collective allows Núria and her colleagues the opportunity for personal artistic practice within a supportive, creative environment. Learn more about The GAP collective in Núria's Feetured Blog.

Kala Boti

musician: lancaster

Kala is a musician, currently based in Lancaster. During his collaboration with us as part of the Feetured series, Kala discussed his experience of releasing an EP alongside his songwriting processLearn more about both, and learn where to enjoy Kala's music in his Feetured blog.

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