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Meet the Team

Three Left Feet  Productions LTD

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Three Left Feet are a a small team who work alongside freelance creative artists to deliver inclusive, collaborative theatre. At the moment, all four core members of the Three Left Feet team are alumni from Lancaster University, and we're joined by some Lancaster University students who have taken on part time roles as part of their courses, or as internships. As a result, we're incredibly passionate about creating relevant, interesting art for the North of England. 

One of the company's primary aims is to identify and spotlight young talent up North. This is why we work alongside a plethora of talented artists. Whilst these freelancers aren't part of the team full time, you'll probably see their faces across our projects again and again. From photographers to musicians and videographers, Three Left Feet love working with creative people to bring the arts to life within our local theatre company.

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Creative Producer & Company Director

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Izzi Lynch

Marketing Coordinator 

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Marketing Assistant 

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 Lara orriss 

Artistic Director & Company Director

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 andrew holt 

Artistic Coordinator & Workshop Facilitator

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Helena wong

Content Assistant

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Company VALUES

What makes Three Left Feet different?

We're Local

Find our productions dotted around Lancaster, in the North West of the UK.

We're Accessible

We are proud to offer affordable and diverse theatre and events and to champion talented, emerging artists.

we're exciting

We produce ambitious and innovative site sensitive work in both unconventional and traditional spaces.

Mission Statement

Three Left Feet strive to rethink storytelling by producing spellbinding, collaborative theatre which transforms and transports audiences beyond their reality.



Chris holloway

Composer & Musician

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Jayran Lear 

Associate Creative

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Rosie Schofield 

Associate Creative

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keep up to date with all of the team's adventures by following @threeleftfeetuk over on instagram!

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