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A Christmas Carol 

7th-8th December 2019


king's street, Lancaster

The epitome of Victorian ghost stories, Dickens' novella was brought to life faithfully with the magic of puppetry! Witnessed by audiences the chilling festive tale of the redemption of bitter miser Ebenezer Scrooge through the visitation of three ethereal, otherworldly and in parts terrifying Spirits of Christmas and, of course, the ghost of Jacob Marley. As Scrooge is led through the past, present and possibilities of the future, he must learn the importance of humanity before his purgatorial fate is sealed forever. As expected, an intimate, heart warming and often funny performance in Waterstones, the heart of Lancaster's literary centre.

A Fisherman’s Tale: Wily Wenches, Salty Sovereigns and Cursed Crustaceans

12th-15th December 2019

Lancaster Maritime


St George's Quay, Lancaster

A devised re-telling of some traditional maritime fairy-tales, presented as his own past adventures by an ageing fisherman as he and his crew shelter below decks from a storm. Funny, silly and, you could say, a little unbelievable. The show first took place in the Maritime Museum's Education Room. And yes, it was just like being inside a boat.

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