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Stepping Out: Welcome to Our Blog

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

Well hello there, fancy seeing you here! You (whether accidentally or intentionally) have stumbled upon our blog.

We’re going to be posting all sorts on here, from show updates to how-to-guides, to our opinions on whether to put jam or cream onto a scone first (it can get heated). Keep checking for content, it may be both informative and mildly entertaining.

For now, however, we just want to introduce ourselves. We are, Three Left Feet, the founders. The Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniaks, the Mark Zuckerbergs – if they were all based in small-town rural Lancashire and did theatre, that is. Here’s a little interview with us, discussing why we founded Three Left Feet, our aims for the company, and a whole load of other miscellaneous shenaniganry that happened to occur.

An image of Lara, Lucy and Elspeth, the founders of Three Left Feet
Here we are posing on the steps of the Williamson Park memorial

Tell us a little bit about who you are, and your roles within the company?

Lu - Hello.

La - Nice start.

Lu - Thank you. So, I'm Lucy and I'm the Marketing Director for Three Left Feet. Basically I do all the publicity/social media things, so I’m permanently editing things on photoshop essentially.

E - I’m Elspeth and I’m the Producer and Technical Director for the company. Yes, that is a bit of a mishmash but I’m something of a Jack of all trades. I deal with a lot of liaising, organising as well as the boring businessy bits. But I love making connections with people so I love getting to talk to all sorts of people and I also get to design and make the cool things for the shows, so swings and roundabouts.

La - How now, I’m Lara. I’m the Artistic Director and I… well, what do I do? I mostly come up with wild schemes for shows and get these two to do the hard work. I also direct most of the shows, so that’s pretty cool. I’m still a student, so you’ll mostly see me wildly panicking about deadlines while simultaneously approaching ‘Lucy-peth’ with another implausible idea.

What is Three Left Feet?

Lu - We are a new theatre company based in Lancaster. Focusing on promoting new, young and local talent and putting a fresh spin on classic stories in unusual spaces. And yes I did steal that from our Instagram bio.

E - At the root of it we love producing theatre and working with other people to make amazing shows (at least we think so!)

La - Well, a foot is an appendage on the bottom of your leg...

How did the idea of Three Left Feet come about?

E - Well, I applied for a job which I didn’t get.

La - Hark, bring out the violins.

E - So I sort of sat around for a bit like “oh no”. And then I remembered what the careers advisor I had spoken to had said before opting to delay real life and do a Masters. I’d told her how I had always wanted to start a theatre company but I didn’t know who to do it with or, frankly, how to do it, and she told me to speak to the enterprise team on campus. Which, as a very busy final year student at the time, of course I did nothing about. So basically, not getting a job was the kick up the bum I needed to take the plunge and find out whether starting a theatre company was complete madness or not.

La - And here’s the important part of the tale… where I come in.

E - The enterprise team, now known as Work In Progress, were super enthusiastic about the idea and really supportive straight away and, to be honest, that was all the convincing I needed. So I messaged Lara like, “hey, wanna start a theatre company?” Because we have worked together before and loved it.

La - And I (somewhat casually) responded: ‘eh, sure thing’. Thus, our first two feet were on the ground.

Lu - I also had a similarly casual start with the company. First Elspeth asked me about creating a logo for them and I was like, cool sounds really exciting I'm happy for you guys. Then I casually mentioned I was thinking about moving back up north and before I knew it Elspeth was asking me to join full time as publicity. It was definitely too good an offer to turn down and so the third foot joined the team. And then I had a hectic couple months trying to reorganise my life and move across the country again, so thanks for that guys.

La - It was a good job you agreed actually, because in retrospect Three Left Feet with only two members would have been a bit weird. Cheers Lucy!

What’s with the name?

E - I’d like to claim it’s a cute little nod to the three of us but that was actually an accident. But, hey, it still works! I concocted the name whilst sat on the train home - wistfully staring at countryside flying past the window helps me think, what can I say? I came up with a few ideas; I was after something abstract and moderately pretentious, it is a theatre company after all. One of the options was even inspired by the Steps song I happened to be listening to at the time.

La - I have to say, some of our working names were… well, poor. We were messaging each other at the time and quite frankly, I’m glad none of them happened to reach a test audience.

E - I think you’ll find that Tropes and Dreams Theatre Company was a fantastic name.

La - Unrelated, I’m leaving the company.

Lu - I joined after the name was already decided so I claim no responsibility for past ideas (not that they weren't great...)

Do you have any current productions?

La - I’m glad you asked!

E - Lara, you wrote these questions.

La - I don’t know what you’re talking about... We’ve got quite a few things going on at the moment. First up, we’ve got a puppet based adaptation of A Christmas Carol which I’ll let Elspeth talk about because she’d oddly enamoured with puppets…

Lu - Not in a weird way

La - Kind of in a weird way?

E - Absolutely in a weird way. So we had already got crazy over-excited about our idea for a pilot show (which we will get back to later), when our pal Théo messaged me about his idea for an adaptation of ‘A Christmas Carol’ that he wondered if our company would be interested in putting on; and, if I’m perfectly honest, he had me at “puppets”. So I took the idea back to the group and we had a skype meeting to “discuss whether we would be able to do two shows at the same time”. During said meeting it became very quickly apparent that we absolutely were not discussing whether we could do it but how we were going to do it because it sounded brilliant. So, the show is fairly true to the original novella and has been adapted and written by Théo (Tomas-Brown) and Tom (Double) who are both up-and-coming creatives. Although it is going to be family friendly and christmassy, we are taking it in a noticeably spookier direction and bringing out some of the pagan imagery from the original. Puppets and people will be performing together and it’s taking place in a gorgeous Waterstones in Lancaster town centre. I’m responsible for creating the aforementioned puppets and I’m taking my classic approach of: do I know how to do it? No. Will I figure it out? Yes.

Lu - And it'll be amazing as it always is! The show will be on the 7-8th December in Waterstones so make sure you follow us on social media @threeleftfeetuk to keep up with the show.

La - And we’ve also got ‘A Fisherman’s Tale: Wily Wenches, Salty Sovereigns and Cursed Crustaceans’, which is a mouthful.

Lu - Can't wait to fit that onto all of the publicity!

E - ‘A Fisherman’s Tale’ for short.

Lu - Much better.

La - This is a semi-devised piece based on three fairy-tales (The Crab Prince, The Little Mermaid and The Water of Life) and it is (if we do say so ourselves) absolutely hilarious.

E - Prepare yourselves for hilarity, antics and a whole bunch of yellow anoraks.

La - I have to say, we’ve really flouted fisherman stereotypes here. I commend you on you innovative costume choices Elspeth.

E - It’ll be STRIKING.

Lu - Anyway, the show is going to be on 12-15th December in the Maritime Museum. Make sure you keep an eye out on our website/social media for updates on ticket releases! #publicitypro

Who’s your favourite writer?

Lu - Really digging what Phoebe Waller-Bridge is doing at the moment in the TV industry.

E - I’d have to say Philip Pullman or Lionel Shriver because they wrote my favourite books: His Dark Materials and We Need To Talk About Kevin. I’m also a big Alice in Wonderland fan so I very much enjoy what went on in Lewis Carroll’s head.

La - Ooh, bold statement. I’m a Harry Potter nerd, so it would be rude of me to say anyone other than JK Rowling.

If you could stage any show in the world with Three Left Feet, what show would it be?

E - I reckon I know what Lara is going to say here…


E - Did we mention we like to put old stories in new places?

La - Also, slightly niche and not at all fitting, but I’d love to do Beauty and the Beast. I just like it.


La - Yessssss.

E - See, this is what always happens.

Lu - And I just go along with it.

La - And make beautiful publicity :)

Lu - Oh stop it I'm blushing.

Are there any films or TV shows that you currently can’t get enough of?

La - I have a tendency to get into TV shows around 10-30 years too late. Currently, I’m watching X-Files, Supernatural and Glee. One of those is not like the other. I’ve actually recently given myself laryngitis by singing too much to Glee. I’ve also just finished Lucifer which was bloody banging.

Lu - Well I was the absolute teenage cliché and watched Glee when it came out (don't bother with the last couple seasons). My number one true love of TV shows is Heartland though which is the most family friendly wholesome and predictable show ever. It's just 40 mins of horses and family drama and I love it.

La - Sorry, I’ve just realised how much Glee stands out compared to the rest of the shows. Eh, I’m multifaceted I guess.

E - I’m not a huge TV gal (that makes me sound like a mutant). I generally watch things of an evening with my friends who I live with. We keep up with Bake Off and TaskMaster.

Describe Three Left Feet using only theatre titles?

La - The Play that Goes Wrong. No, I’m joking. Hmm.

E - Wicked. ‘Cause we’re wicked. No, that’s terrible - I apologise. No Exit? Getting existential up in here. All’s Well That Ends Well? No, it’s honestly a lot more positive than that!

Lu - Waitress because we all need money.

E - Are we all clichés? I think we are.

La - Unrelated, but which Mamma Mia dad do you guys think we all are? Should that be an extra question?

E - Yes.

Which Mamma Mia dad do you guys think we all are?

E - Oh wow, this was so unexpected. Urm...

Lu - I absolutely love Mamma Mia! Unfortunately I can't sing so maybe I’m Pierce Brosnan because I can try but fans may not appreciate the effort. Also would love to marry Meryl.

E - I know I’m a Rosie out of the ladies… I have an affinity with Julie Walters. Not sure about the gents.

La - Hmmm. I’ve got a bit of Harry about me. Maybe that’s just to do with my ultimate goal of becoming Colin Firth. Also, in Mamma Mia 2, Waterloo was brilliant.

Lu - Guess you're Bill then, Elspeth. Also Waterloo was hilarious and I love Lily James (needed to be said).

E - Ah man, I’d love to be as cool as Bill - knee tattoos here I come.

Tea or Coffee?

E - Can I say both? I have an obscenely overcrowded tea tray at home with every variation of hot drink under the sun so I can impress my many, many guests with my impeccable hosting skills.

Lu - Coffee for me. Although I am pretentious and vegan enough to own multiple herbal teas too.

La - Can’t stand coffee. Tea all the way. I’m like a builder. Milk, one sugar.

E - I’ve managed to wean myself off sugar in my tea. I wasn’t enjoying the judgement of my northern friends. They are very passionate about their tea up here.

Lu - Which is why I have to keep my tea blasphemy a secret so I'm trusting you guys here.

Do you have any pets?

La - I have a pup, Merlin. He is my best boy (just turned one on the 4th October). He’s a cockapoo (silly name) and I would literally die for him - as opposed to metaphorically dying. He’s super naughty but so cute that he gets away with it. He’s obsessed with bottles (woofing at them, running around with them etc.) and enjoys long walks on the beach and looking out the window to spy on the neighbours.

E - No, and I’m eternally resentful about it. I love animals. But I think they can sense my desperation.

La - It’s the puppet thing Elspeth. They know.

Lu - I relish any chance to talk about the true best boy in the world, my dog Snoopy (sorry Merlin).

La - Hold the damn fort. Are you proposing a pup off?

Lu - I would not put Merlin through that humiliation. So, my wonderful pup is called Snoopy. He's approximately 10 now, unsure because he came from the RSPCA after being rescued from the streets of London. Now he lives a horribly wonderful middle class life of visiting national trust properties, having dog friends at weekly training classes and eating only the best organic fancy treats. Also I love him more than life itself.

La - Snoopy better get ready because THE ACTUAL BEST BOY (Merlin) is in town and he’s ready to rumble (read, chase squirrels and lick everyone).

Lu - An excellent competition. Let's just agree all dogs are too good for this world and are in fact heavenly creatures.

La - I wholeheartedly agree.

If you could see any show in the world, what would it be?

E - I would love to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I love magic and I love theatre so put them together and WHAM.

Lu - This might be a bit of a cheat because I've technically already seen it when I was younger, but I would really love to see The Lion King again. I feel like I could truly appreciate now.

What are your favourite colours?

E - Black, like my soul. And grey, like… my hair? Because I’m the oldest? Eh, it kinda works. I enjoy a good red too.

Lu - Yellow for me. And orange. I am a big fan of sunsets. Also Elspeth is almost 50 so that description of her hair is accurate.

E - Ouch.

La - My favourite colour is yellow too! (And yes, Elspeth is our mutual grandmother.)

E - I’m only 2 years older than Lucy!

La - 3 years older than me though, nan.

If you guys could have a dinner party with three historical figures/celebrities, who would they be?

E - Oh wow. That’s a toughie. Definitely not Hugh Grant. I met him in the Upper Crust at Preston train station and he claimed not to be himself… if you’re going to lie, Hugh, you could at least change your incredibly recognisable voice! You’re an actor for goodness’ sake. In hind-sight I wish I’d asked him if he was Colin Firth… that would have produced an entertaining reaction, I’m sure.

Lu - I feel like I should say someone important and influential but I would definitely not be able to hold up my side of the conversation if that were the case.

E - This is too difficult so I’m just gonna go for it and list Galileo, Robin Williams and Shakespeare.

Lu - I'll just commit to some people too then. Anne Boleyn because I feel she's pretty baller. She changed English and religious history because she wouldn't put out for Henry VIII so she could get power in a world where she had none, what a queen. Literally. Beyoncé because she is a legend amongst us mere mortals. Michelle Obama? Because again, what an amazing woman.

La - Hugh Jackman just seems like the coolest guy. (The superior Hugh - sorry, not - Hugh Grant) The man’s Wolverine for goodness sake.

Why should people get involved with Three Left Feet?

All of us, in unison - Now that you know more than you ever needed to (or wanted to) about Three Left Feet and its founding members, you should follow us on social media for updates on shows, auditions and more blog posts! (Come on, you made it this far…)

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