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Meet The Team

Elspeth Dale - Producer and Technical Director

Elspeth studied Theatre and German for her undergraduate degree and also has a Masters in Translation from Lancaster University. Whenever she wasn’t busy mixing up the English and German words for things or learning about all things post-dramatic, she threw herself into making all sorts of theatre with her other (arguably overly) theatrical friends. She accidentally got herself into stage-management and production design on her very first show at university and hasn’t managed to escape since. All jokes aside, she loves the challenge of organising everything that goes into what you see on stage (bar the actually acting itself - that’s where Lara comes in) and never says no trying out a new skill or a seemingly impossible idea. Her favourite thing about putting a production together is working closely with the actors, directors and publicity to produce a theatre experience where all the aspects work together in harmony. She particularly enjoys designing and making costumes and adores masks and puppets (who says they’re creepy?) Starting a theatre company has always been a dream of hers, so finding two like-minded people like Lara and Lucy was fantastic. Having worked with the two of them on many productions over the last couple of years, she knew they had to keep making work together. The three of them never fail to get over-excited by a new idea and a brainstorm, letting their imaginations run wild - they are a terrible influence on one another, but in the best kind of way.

Lara Orriss - Artistic Director

Lara is currently in her third year of English Literature and Creative Writing at Lancaster University. She likes pina coladas, long walks on the beach and reusing tired jokes. She loves dogs and has a cockapoo (silly name) called Merlin that she is utterly devoted to. Lara’s a self-confessed Harry Potter nerd that dabbles in a whole host of hobbies - she has fingers in so many pies that she’d be kicked out of a bakery! However, wherever she ventures, like a skulking alley-cat she always manages to somehow creep back into theatre. Her favourite part about theatre is creating it – probably due to her penchant for creative writing and that vivid imagination her school-teachers were always going on about. She likes playing with ideas, thinking of fun themes and settings to adapt scripts, and working with actors, stage managers and publicity to create an interesting and cohesive performance. Working with Elspeth and Lucy on Three Left Feet (and other productions) has been awesome, as it has allowed her to pursue her creative ambitions in a fun and (reasonably) professional environment with two great friends. Granted, they often get distracted with wild ideas for performances – however, somehow, they manage to reign each other in and get the job done. (Although, Lara is still vying for ‘Macbeth in a Prison.’)

Lucy Malaihollo-Sheppard - Marketing Director

Lucy studied Theatre and English Literature at Lancaster University for her undergraduate degree. She has always loved theatre and has been involved in different aspects of it from acting, directing to producing over the years. She has spent the last two years focusing more on publicity and creative producing and is very excited to continue doing this work for Three Left Feet. She has worked with Elspeth on five shows previously and with Lara on three and is thrilled to be working with them again now and cannot wait to see what they all come up with together. 

Useless Trivia

Favourite production you’ve seen?

E - There have been too many brilliant shows to choose just one! My top three would probably be The Wild Bride by Kneehigh, Pinocchio @ National Theatre, and The Grinning Man @ Trafalgar Studios

La - Hmm. This is a pretty difficult one. War Horse at the National Theatre was brilliant; that certainly sticks out. I’ve also loved every musical I’ve seen. (Give me a song and a dance - I’m easy to please!) One Man Two Guvnors was also great… Ugh. I can’t choose.

Lu - ​ There are so many amazing ones. I also really loved War Horse, I even saw it twice. I also loved how different  The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time. 


Favourite Shakespeare play?

E - A Midsummer Night’s Dream

La - Twelfth Night. (Have a look at some of the photos of our production. It was pretty darn snazzy if I do say so myself.) Antonio is my favourite Shakespeare character of all time - so sad, and so lovely. I’m also fond of Andrew Aguecheek, the absolute sap.

Lu - The Taming of The Shrew ​- it was the first Shakespeare I read that I had very strong feelings about, even if they weren't positive.


Favourite role you've played?

E - Mary Martin-of-Tours in Sister Act: The Musical - the crazy elderly nun. Some would argue I wasn't acting.

La - That's a good question. I think probably Miss Marchmont from An Ideal Husband. I enjoyed insulting audience members and turning my nose up at everything. Honestly just a general Tuesday night activity for me.

Lu - ​My favourite role would be Kyra Hollis from David Hare's Skylight. I enjoyed getting to be angry about social justice while wearing slippers.

Favourite film?

E - Labyrinth - the 80s, Jim Henson goblin puppets, and David Bowie - what more could you want?

La - Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Yes, I have sold my soul to the MCU. It happens.

Lu - The Lion King - the 1994 version, no but seriously it's great. ​


Favourite book?

E - His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman (let's not even mention that God-awful film re-make).

La - Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. JK Rowling is a flipping genius. Time travel. Hermione whacking Draco. Plus, a mildly crazed Sirius Black that definitely deserved better. Love that man.

Lu - As awful as it is I don't have one which probably doesn't reflect well on my English degree but there you go.

Star sign and other misc personality tropes?

E - Aries and Myers-Briggs Commander... which couldn't be more accurate. Despite these kinds of things being dubious at best. I like to call it "enthusiastic".

La - Aries. Yes, I am a descendant from the God of War. I'm joking, I'm a weak-ass aries. I'm also INFP which is the Mediator. I align with Peggy Carter, Mulder and Luna Lovegood. Take from that what you will.

Lu - Pisces. I'm an INFJ I think, I haven't checked in years. Buzzfeed says I'm an umbrella plant.

Current go to TV show - or old favourites?

E - I do love Stranger Things (who doesn't?) and I shamelessly re-watch Miranda. You also can't beat a bit o' Sherlock.

La - Oof. Now you're talking. Currently I'm embroiled in Lucifer and the X-Files - which are excellent. (Side note. When will Tom Ellis release a cover album?) However, old favourites... Merlin is my absolute jam and I'll never say no to Once Upon a Time.

Lu - My go to TV show is Heartland, it's basically about a family who look after horses in Canada and absolutely nothing happens and I've watched 12 series of it. Old favourites include Robin Hood, Torchwood, Parks and rec, Brooklyn 99 and the IT Crowd.

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