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Below are some of the press and audience reviews from our previous shows. Audience comments are gathered at the end of shows on small feedback cards and are completely anonymous.

A Christmas Carol

7th-8th December 2019

Waterstones, King Street, Lancaster​

It was great, an enjoyable performance with great props and staging.

Great venue and perfect setting for such a famous book. The words sang in the space. Amazing memory, Bob! Loved the puppets, the live brass band and the obvious enthusiasm of all involved. Thanks!

A great, unusual show, very intimately staged and well performed all round.

Thank you. What a wonderful spirited performance. Wonderful puppets. I really liked the shadow puppets and music.

Loved the show and can’t wait for the next one. The puppets really made it “something different” too. Thank you.

It was a lovely show. The acting was brilliant and the puppets looked so cool adding a whimsy to the play. Great use of space, music and light. I hope you do many more plays.

Excellent production. Imaginative and entertaining. Well acted. Thank you!

Brilliant venue. Very atmospheric and Dickensian. Brilliant actors and very imaginative ‘spirits’! Thoroughly enjoyed the musical arrangements that accompanied the performance. Well done everyone.

Better than A Muppet Christmas Carol.

The puppets were absolutely gorgeous! Genuinely nearly brought me to tears. A fantastic show!

A superb show! Well done to all! Deliberate, clear direction throughout really helped to carry the show through. Fantastic puppets. Loved the setting – worked really well as did the set. Would come to another show like this.

Click here  to read the 4 star review from SCAN Lancaster - 'I greatly enjoyed this production with its thrilling infusion of puppeteering and theatre enriching the air with Scrooge’s desperate quest to snatch Life from the foreboding jaws of destined demise.'

A Fisherman’s Tale: Wily Wenches, Salty Sovereigns and Cursed Crustaceans

12th-15th December 2019

Lancaster Maritime Museum, St George's Quay, Lancaster

A lovely performance! Had a little bit of everything, the characterisation was so strong and we could really see how much work has been put in from both cast and crew.

The show was amazing! Absolutely hilarious and yet serious at times. Loved the cast.

Five star (fish) ✰✰✰✰✰

Great characterisation by all, aided by a great setting

Well done – very funny and thought provoking. Loved the special effects and the singing

Really well performed and good fun. I really enjoyed it. Good luck.

I didn’t know what to expect – but what a great and entertaining show. Such a variety of scenarios and great individual performances. The range of regional accents was impressive! PYTHONESQUE!!!

Very entertaining with great comic timing! Loved it.

Monty Python meets ‘A Play Gone Wrong’ at sea… descending into a morality tale – food for thought!

Multiroling at its best!

All of the strengths of devised theatre and none of the weaknesses.

Click here  to read the 5 star review from SCAN Lancaster - 'The writing, the acting, and the production were all brilliant, and I look forward to seeing more of what Three Left Feet will have to offer over the next few years.'

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